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With all his other scandalous exploits, it's hard to believe that Chris Brown doesn't have a celeb sex tape yet.

Take a look here and you'll see all of the women the singer has went out with over the years.

In case you were wondering, the s Yc stands for Yenko Super Car.

Stewart is currently situs gratis online rumored to be dating for a few years are going to be an ideal.

It's not particularly well known to non-aficianados, but to those in the know the Skyline is a legend.

Think of it as Nissan's Mustang and you begin to get the idea.

Both Roman's Eclipse and Brian's Evo are wired with GPS tracking devices, which leads to their need for the next two cars on this list.

The stock version of the S2000 was a lightweight, perfectly balanced sports car.

Tarantino used a white Challenger as an homage to Vanishing Point, but in any color, the Challenger was a hot car (even without the ejector seat seen in 2 Fast 2 Furious).

Muscle car fans like to talk down to the import tuner crowd by saying "there's no replacement for displacement," and it's cars like the Yenko Camaro that back up that kind of talk.

We only ever see it sitting outside Tej's (Ludacris) garage, because Tej doesn't really race anymore.

But it does have a sweet custom Louis Vuitton pattern, and so we're including it on this list.

“The crazy thing is that y’all used to call me homophobic…



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    Some people may act inappropriately when given the freedom to chat randomly online.

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    If you’re focused on exhibitionism or taking part in sexual activity out in the open, why not join Dogging365 and become a part of a group who want exactly the same thing?

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