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Once the download has finished, the process cannot be cancelled. Ubuntu tries to present the maintance of the operating system in a windows-like way to enable windows users to operate a unix-alike-os.

Fetching and installing the upgrade can take several hours.

The Orioles began their offseason business Friday by formally declining the 2018 player options for left-hander Wade Miley and shortstop J. The Orioles have officially parted ways with shortstop J. Hardy and left-hander Wade Miley, declining to exercise their respective options for the 2018 season and allowing them to become free agents.

While the Hardy move was largely a formality as the team acquired Tim Beckham in July to be his short- and long-term successor,...

Case in point what i will do now is take those files of gusty and put them on DVD then zero that partition and then use partimage to save the mirror image of 8.04 upgrade to 8.10. Tip: always use partimage off the live cd never never use it while running linux at the same time.


Ubuntu is one of the best distros on the planet, in my opinion, but the safest way to upgrade to the next release is to do a fresh install from the latest livecd because there is no way of knowing which system will survive any other way of upgrading. Apparently, it wanted to re-download and re-install everything I had installed, with the exception of some packages it decided to remove.I was running 8.04 and upgraded through the normal prcedure. seriously DO NOT just go ahead and do a fully automated "let me take care of everything for you" Mac/Windows style upgrade!



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