Updating mailscanner

One of the most important things you can do for your mail server is install Mail Scanner. This will prevent your IP from getting blacklisted, keeping the server clean.

Installing Spam Assassin and Clam AV will add another layer of defense against these issues.

Create the ‘new’ bayes directory, make the directory owned by the main group of the web server (eg.

apache or www-data; a supplemental group won’t work) and the user your mailscanner is started with (eg.

Add the line below in postfix configuration file and header_check file.

Mail Watch for Mail Scanner is developed on Debian 7-9 & Ubuntu 12.04-16.04, so these docs will reflect this and I will make note on anything that will be required to run on other distro’s or operating systems.

The following log snippet shows the sample activities while a mail is processed by Postfix.

Mar 8 centos Mail Scanner[15832]: New Batch: Scanning 1 messages, 668 bytes Mar 8 centos Mail Scanner[15832]: Virus and Content Scanning: Starting Mar 8 centos Mail Scanner[15832]: Requeue: 79F6D1391.


He writes tutorial articles on technology every now and then from a belief that knowledge grows through sharing.Several files have changed their name and location in Mail Watch 1.2.0, particularly the PHP files that are launched in cron and the Init script files.



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