Updating multiple select with ajax

Default: 'fade'If set, this will override the content of the tooltip.

If you provide something else than a string or j Query-wrapped HTML element, you will need to use the 'function Format' option to format your content for display.

Default: 'hover'When 'trigger' is set to 'custom', all built-in close triggers are disabled by default. Plays a subtle animation when the content of the tooltip is updated (if the tooltip is open).

This option allows you to reactivate the triggers of your choice to create a customized behavior. You may create custom animations in your CSS files. Default: 'rotate'Tries to place the tooltip in such a way that it will be entirely visible on screen when it's opened.

Note: in case of multiple tooltips on a single element, only the last destroyed tooltip may trigger a restoration. The value may one of the following: 'top', 'bottom', 'left', 'right'.

See the triggers section to learn how to use custom triggers.

Default: false Specifies if a TITLE attribute should be restored on the HTML element after a call to the 'destroy' method.



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