Updating xp to media center

From this article ( we can see that Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data was converted from Zap2It to Rovi.

This conversion appears to have been the cause of having no television guide information available in Windows Media Center after July 20 I recommend avoiding the tasks above if you media center system is currently working but is just missing the guide data.

Once I found a working zip code the media center application continued with TV signal detection.


I am also on a discussion with Rovi on this via Twitter.I found an existing discussion on this topic at https://connect.microsoft.com/site1145/Feedback/Details/1573972.From discussions on this thread and recommendations from ewtaylo1 (huge thanks!3/16/2016 update: I have received reports that the guide is now updating correctly and in my environment it now has program data until the 29th so this issue appears to be resolved now.

1) This does appear to be happening again to multiple systems as multiple people have reported this in their comments and I am seeing it as well.

After running the set up it should take 3-5 mins for the guide to update.



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