Validating event radio group


Apart from required itself and equal To, all validation methods declare an element valid when it has no value at all.

That way an email field is optional unless required is specified.

The decision is often influenced by serverside infrastructure.

If a web framework is used, it is often easier to use metadata, which is also good for fast prototyping.

That way the user can try to fill out elements of the form at the end, without being forced to focus them again and again.

This can be disabled (option to the input, this is now deprecated.

Provided are a set of default validation methods, such as required.By default, labels are created after the invalid element, this is also customizable (option option.In addition to field-specific messages you can display a general "your form is invalid, please fix the highlighted fields!To achieve this, it is important that the plugin is actually deployed on websites around the world, so a lot of focus is spent on making it easy for developers – that's you – to use the plugin.


The plugin can never replace serverside validation and doesn't intend to do so.By default, the first invalid element in a form is focused after submitting a form with invalid elements.


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