Western women dating in south korea


These days, I go out practically make up free on school days.

I save my makeup for the weekend, and wear it on my own terms- not because I feel like I need to.

I got to the bus stop a few minutes early and was just admiring the scenery- yesterday it had rained, so today the skies were completely blue and clear. Then, this Korean guy appears out of thin air, a centimetre away from face, stares at me and just blurts out “boypurenduh isseoyo? ) He caught me off guard so I just walked away from him, gave him a firm yes and nice snide look. A lot of Korean men (not all, but a lot) have less respect towards foreign girls than they do towards Korean girls.

I wish I had made a bit of a scene and told him to fuck off, but as it always goes, we only know the best thing to do in hindsight. There is a sentiment here that foreign girls make good girlfriends, but they’re not marriage material.

Last year, the middle school students who I taught told me that their parents would get them plastic surgery if they got a good result in their high school tests. Not because they wanted to become a doctor, a journalist, or even the president. That is just so heartbreaking to me, that they feel that pressure to completely change the way they look at such a young age, and that their parents fully support them on that.It saves me time in the morning, it helps my skin breathe and most importantly, it allows me to give a big huge middle finger to the system! Now, this might sound hypocritical since I come from the UK- a country where people talk about refugees from war-torn countries like they are vermin and Islamaphobia is growing by the day. I feel as though in the UK people say racist things but know that they are being racist.Someone always calls them out on it, unless they are at a UKIP party conference.I’ve wanted to write this post for quite a while now, but I always put it off. I didn’t want to put people off visiting Korea, or living here.


Although I try to keep my blog as transparent as possible, I know that there are a lot of feelings that I have about Korea that I keep to myself.

Yeah, you might not get stabbed or shot or gang-raped.



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