Who is bridgit mendler dating december 2016

She began her acting career with the animated film ‘The Legend of Buddha’ and has since starred in several films such as ‘Labor Pains’ and ‘Alice Upside Down’.

She became a Disney star with the television series ‘Wizards of Waverly Place’ and ‘Good Luck Charlie’.

Bridgit was also worked for many commercials ads and also signed for a Tv movie called Good Luck Charlie in 2011.


She officially switched to music career with her first single Ready Or Not released in 2012, followed by her debut Pop album Hello My Name Is... Mendler is also a songwriter and record producer, known to have a clean profile for having involved in no scandals so far.Bridgit always wanted to become a famous person and because of that she decided to pursue her acting career.Bridgit is one of the talented and famous actress in hollywood industry.She also starred in the 2010 TV film season’s release ‘Good Luck Charlie, It’s Christmas’.

She became a singer-songwriter with the film ‘Lemonade Mouth’ and released two singles subsequently which found a place in the ‘US Billboard Hot 100’ songs.Bridgit Mendler was born on 18 December 1992 in Washington, D. Along with movies actress she is also a singer and song writer.



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