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Supporters Trust Chairman Peter Jones said: "The information came to light following the local newspaper of its time, the 'Wrexham Advertiser' being put on line, and thus allowing 'one word' searches, thus eliminating the needle in the haystack process of looking through the newspaper's microfilm reels at the local studies centre. "A member had contacted us to state that he had found evidence of the club playing in 1866, through to 1869.

Such, however, was not the case, for if it were won 50 years in succession it would still belong to the Welsh Association. This is sadly the last photograph of Bobby Hibbott of Newtown, who scored the only goal of the game - his last ever. The Mid Wales XI take the field with high hopes of reversing last season's defeat at Machynlleth. He selected himself for the opening league match against Knighton, which the Robins won 10v1.

Should the amalgamation take place between the White Stars and Newtown Clubs, he had not the least doubt that they would be able to successfully meet either the English or Scottish team - Mr. We feel very proud that four former Welsh Youth Internationals and products of the County are included in today's team, viz. On the 17th May 1958, the County Times reported that Newtown was another club with problems.



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