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You also permit any Member and authorized user to access, display, view, store and reproduce the Content for personal use.Subject to the foregoing, the owner of Content placed on Live Pimpin retains any and all Rights that may exist in such Content. CONDUCT AND COMMUNICATION You acknowledge that Live Pimpin may contain material that may be inappropriate for minors.

Live Pimpin reserves the right to protect its Members and Live Pimpin from offensive e-mail communication, including, but not limited to, the right to block mass e-mail solicitations, or 'junk e-mail.' You also agree and accept that as new products become available on or through Live Pimpin, your use of these products is subject to Terms Of Service.Live Pimpin does not pre-screen Content as a matter of policy: however Live Pimpin, its affiliates, and ICPs shall have the right, but not the responsibility, to remove Content that they deem harmful, offensive or otherwise in violation of the Terms Of Service. You acknowledge the following: (I) Live Pimpin permits access to Content that is protected by copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual and proprietary rights ('Rights'); (II) These Rights are valid and protected in all media and technologies existing now or later developed; and (III)Except as explicitly provided otherwise, the Terms Of Service, applicable copyright and other laws govern your use of Content (see the Rules, Section D, for details).Accordingly, you acknowledge that neither Live Pimpin, its affiliates, nor any ICP shall assume or have any liability for any action or inaction by Live Pimpin or its affiliates, or any ICP, with respect to Content, or Content changes within, Live Pimpin. You agree that you may upload to the software files, message boards, or otherwise transmit on or through Live Pimpin only Content that (1) is not subject to any Rights, or (2) any holder of Rights has given express authorization for distribution on Live Pimpin.Members may not allow a former Member or other agent whose membership has been terminated to use their account. Cancellation: Members may cancel their account at any time by contacting Live Pimpin through our Support Form, or via postal mail. However, you may be subject to internet access charges as required by your local or national Internet Service Carrier/Provider.

Certain fee-only video chathosts may set a price and terms that governs and restricts access to their respective videochat.

The payment charges and minutes worth are found in the Mebmer Account first page. Live Pimpin RESERVES THE RIGHT, AT ANY TIME, TO CHANGE ITS FEES AND BILLING METHODS, INCLUDING THE ADDITION OF SUPPLEMENTAL FEES OR SEPARATE CHARGES FOR ONLINE AREAS, CONTENT, OR SERVICES PROVIDED BY Live Pimpin, OR ITS AFFILIATES. If any such change is unacceptable to you, you may terminate your membership as provided in Section 5 below. CONTENT You acknowledge that: (i) Live Pimpin contains information, communications, software, photos, videos, graphics, music, sounds, and other material and services (collectively 'Content'); (ii) Such Content is provided under license by Independent Providers of Content ('ICPs'), other Members, Live Pimpin and its affiliates; and (iii) At minimum, Live Pimpin owns a copyright in the selection, coordination, arrangement, and enhancement of such Content.



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