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After all, his fellow bros like him and he has no problem "pulling ass" at Bar None's last call. Don't worry about being forced to commit; the best thing about Marina Bros is they don't stay in San Francisco past 30 when they decide it's time to go back East and start living their real lives.Truthfully, there are things to like about the Marina Bro. You know how sometimes you make a new friend, but it's weeks or months before you learn where he was born?But while having a local take you under his wing will be great at times, beware of getting too comfortable, as The Native's constant know-it-all attitude can become wearisome and reductive.Oh, you found a new hamburger you're totally stoked about?Sure, it's cool now, but not as cool as it was when it was at the Palace of Fine Arts and he threw his fourth-grade birthday party there.Lastly, while you can certainly have fun with a Native, don't let things get too serious unless you plan to stay in San Francisco.He's not afraid to wear pastels (albeit it with a popped collar), loves watching sports, and generally lives his life to maximize the amount of fun he's having. Yeah, that will NEVER happen with a Native San Franciscan.You're guaranteed to drink a lot, laugh a lot, and be out and about a lot (at least from Union Street north) when dating a Marina Bro. If he's not wearing a T-shirt that actually has "Native" emblazoned across the chest, then he'll be absolutely certain to let you know within five minutes of meeting you.


The Harry Potter star (25) first met the businessman in September and the pair are fresh from a romantic spa break in California at the VIP Post Ranch Inn, which charges €9,000 a week for a stay.But that's OK because tech nerds are more generous in bed, so he'll totally make it up to you later. It's true you'll often come home from a fun bike ride or an afternoon in Dolores Park and the first thing your Tech Nerd will do is go straight to the computer.But won't the fact that he's lovable and always has the latest gadgets totally make up for that? Most people who live in SF appreciate the outdoors on some level, even if that level is simply eating brunch on a patio.You're also likely to be in the best shape of your life because working out is a priority. After all, being a Native is the most important aspect of a Native's identity.

Much like actually living in San Francisco, dating a Native has its pros and cons.Good luck getting the Outdoorsman to a Sunday brunch though. for his 50-mile bike ride, which he'll definitely follow with a sunset session at OB before crashing at 8 p.m.



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